Friday, April 8, 2011

So Much Better…

Hello my loves! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. I love that I have you guys to vent to…I can never say it enough; I really love this community!

It has been a while since I posted my eats so I decided to snap some pictures to share with you guys…nothing fancy

For Breakfast ayer I made myself a Green Monster with 1/2 a banana, spinach, LMM, almond milk (recently switched over to almond milk instead of skim), coffee, and splenda


For lunch I had Amy’s Enchilada…


This is the reason, I could never give up Dairy!!!! I love Amy’s so much


And water with Crystal Light…


In the evening, I headed to the gym to meet a new client and then I rushed home to make din din…I was literally thinking about this meal ALL DAY!

Egg Whites with Spinach, Onions, minced Garlic, Reduced Fat Parm Cheese, 2% Cheddar and I paired it with Lemon Potatoes which were inspired by Matt


This made my tummy VERY happy!

This morning for breakfast I made banana pancakes topped with light syrup and coffee with vanilla almond milk and splenda, and of course some vitamins (I have them every morning)


The plan was to digest and then go for a run but I took some allergy medicine and totally knocked out on the couch. It took everything I had in me to go outside and go for a run; I was nervous that I was going to have another bad run.

I went outside and was welcomed with a light drizzle and I could tell that I was nervous because I left my itouch at home! I ran back upstairs to get it (I listened to Jillian’s podcast while I ran) and then headed out for my run….and I am happy to say that it was much better.

These are stats for all three days….(5 min warm-up, 8 min run/ 1 min walk 4x, and 5 minute cool down)


Week 4 Day 1

Wednesday AKA Doom Day!

E10K W4 D2

And today! Best Pace out of all three days

E10K W4 D3

Next week I start week 5 but I am only doing 2 days of the program and on the 3rd day I am running my 4 mile race instead.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend….This weekend is Nik’s Birthday so we are going to be very busy having fun!



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