Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have you ever written a blog post and had no idea what to make the title? Hence my “Hmmmm…” lol
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week…it has been pouring out here in NYC but I refuse to let some rain ruin my day or even week.
Maybe I am still on a high from all the yummy food that I have been eating….
Last week Nik and I tried this Pizza Place near my house but it is not your regular pizza joint. Dee’s has every kind of pizza that you can think of and if you don’t see it on the menu; you can make it yourself! Here is some info about Dee’s, courtesy of their website:
In the fall of 1993 I opened Dee’s Brick Oven Pizza, a restaurant featuring authentic wood burning brick oven pizza.  The philosophy behind our pizza is that it is authentic, meaning that everything is fresh and natural. To begin with, our oven was crafted by hand, each brick mortared together to form a perfectly domed cooking chamber.  The oven is fueled entirely by wood and reaches temperatures of up to 800 degrees to ensure a crisp crust with a moist center. Pizzas can be cooked from start to finish in under four minutes. Toppings for our pizzas start with the freshest ingredients. Our tomato sauce is made of imported plum tomatoes, hand-milled to produce just the perfect texture. Our fresh mozzarella is handmade for us five times a week. All the toppings are market fresh, from the kalamata olives to the artichokes to the roasted red Holland peppers. At DEE’s it’s not just the pizzas! We also feature innovative pastas, great Mediterranean salads, appetizers, and a newly added grill section featuring Angus burgers, Australian lamb chops, Argentian skirt steak, and fresh fish, like our salmon by Dee's or our pan roasted red snapper. I was trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York under the direction of three of the most renowned chefs today, Jacque Pépin (TV personality and author), André Soltner (Lutece), and Alain Shailac (Le Cirque).  Under the instruction of these great chefs, I learned the importance of quality, freshness, and attention to detail in food taste and presentation. “
Nik had their 4 cheese pizza…which of course I had to try and I loved it…I am a huge fan of Ricotta cheese
I decided to create my own pie with Whole wheat dough, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and Calamari!
This was so freaking good!!!!!
The good food doesn’t stop there…On Saturday, my sister and niece met me at work and we went to California Pizza for lunch.
We all split the hummus platter with Whole Wheat Pita
For my main course, I had half the Miso Shrimp Salad but instead of having the dressing that came with it…I replaced it with Peanut dressing from the Thai Salad
After lunch, we came back to my place and I made us Chocolate and Vanilla fondue with Strawberries, Apples, Pineapples, and Marshmallows…
Which we enjoyed while we watched “Something Borrowed”..perfect “girls night”!
Workout Front..
This week I started Week 8 of Ease into 10K and it consists of 5 minute Warm up, 17 minute run/ 1 min walk 3X, 5 minute cool down. I ended up taking about 3 more walking breaks and during the 4th mile, my sneaker was hurting me a bit so I had to stop to fix it, a couple of times…but I am happy to say that I am up 5 miles!
E10K W8 D1
(Time is a little off because I hit “stop” by mistake)
Besides running. I am also trying to stick to a strength training program. This morning I focused on my upper body and did a lot of arm, back, and core routines such as planks, pushups, russian twists, reverse fly's etc.
I am off to catch up on your blogs…have a great day!

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