Thursday, June 30, 2011

July Challenges…

Hey my loves!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! I have been working hard but also enjoying my days off with my family and boyfriend…hence my lack of posts (sorry)

I have also been enjoying a few too many goodies and I am in need of a serious detox…. Which brings me to my July Challenge!

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing the detox phase of the Fat Smash Diet



Here is some info about Phase one, courtesy of Webmd

The Fat Smash Diet: What You Can Eat

The Fat Smash Diet is a 90-day program divided into four phases. Smith is adamant about not counting calories in this plan. The only calories you'll see are associated with the more than 50 recipes.

Phase 1 of the plan is a nine-day "detox" period designed to cleanse the impurities from your system and rid you of all your bad habits, so you can begin to prepare your "temple." Calories are significantly reduced and water is used to flush the body. You are told to eat four to five meals, whether you're hungry or not. Skipping meals is not allowed at any phase.

In the first phase of the Fat Smash Diet, food choices should be eaten raw, grilled or steamed. Fats are limited to a maximum of 3 tablespoons, with 1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil per day. Allowed foods include unlimited fruits and vegetables (except white potatoes or avocado), chickpeas, lentils, tofu, and beans. It also permits limited amounts of brown rice; low-fat, skim, or soy milk; oatmeal; low-fat yogurt; egg whites; and herbal tea. This is the total menu for nine days.

The hardest part for me will be to give up bread etc. but I saw great results when I tried this a few years ago so I am hopeful. The only thing that I refuse to give up is coffee….I need energy!

Another thing that I have been lacking in my life is Yoga which bring me to my next Challenge….For the month of July, I will do a minimum of 25 minutes of Yoga, 4 times a week.

Picture 003 

(this is an ooooold picture, but I love it!)


Don’t think that I forgot about running!!!! Last week I started my half marathon training and it looks like this…

Half Marathon Training

Today I ran 3 miles and the weather was perfect and I could tell the difference in my splits!

1 00:10:38 1.00 10:38
2 00:10:41 1.00 10:41
3 00:09:55 1.00 09:55

Usually by the last mile, I am dragging my heels but look how fast (for me) I was!

Do you have any challenges for July?????


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