Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Challenge Updates…

Hey loves! Happy Hump Day!!!!! It is disgusting in NY…it feels like a dog is breathing in your face when you walk outside the door. So what do you when you have a run planned and it is super hot??? Go for a run at 4:30 in the morning! I won’t normally do this but since I passed out last night around 7ish, I woke up this morning full of energy…I had a 7am client so it was now or never.  I have to admit that it was pretty scary to run at that time but I stayed on the main streets and also carried my mace.  Sidenote; if you ever go for a run and someone tries to abduct you, scream out “FIRE” instead of help…people tend to pay attention when they hear “fire” (I learned this in one of my running books)

Challenge Updates….

What was I thinking doing a detox challenge on July 4th weekend??? I managed to stay on track during all the weekend festivities. My only slip up was at my boyfriend’s bbq…my sister brought Toasted Garden Veggie Wheat Thins

wheat thin


which I enjoyed with Garden Cream Cheese…



It could have been much worse so I am okay with this little slip up. I have been enjoying a variety of veggies these past couple of days…


2nd Challenge!


I am also doing a Yoga Challenge and so far I have done 4 Yoga practices and I plan to do another one today. I have been downloading some workouts from Yoga Download…I tried one for runners and also a power vinyasa session. This is a great site if you are looking to try out some new yoga practices. You can download the 20 minute session for free!!!

How are your challenges going???



  1. Good job on the challenges!

  2. Great job! Your slip up definitely could have been much worse! No alcohol on July 4 is impressive enough! I was doing great with my push up challenge until I hurt my foot! Now I have no challenges going on!

  3. Um wow. I am super impressed with your detoxing abilities. And with getting up at 4:30 to run! And to think, I complain about having to get up at 7...

  4. Your slip up is not bad at all. I still can't believe you ran at 4:30 lady!

    Oh- and now that the tables have turned I LOVE that you are doing a yoga challenge. Love it!

    Miss our chats- we need a date ASAP!

  5. I adore yogadownload!! They have EVERYTHING!!


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