Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Namaste Zen…

This post has nothing to do with food or fitness lol. Tomorrow is my birthday but since I was a good girl or maybe a big brat…whichever you choose ha, I got one gift a little early!!

On Sunday Nik calls me and tells me to get ready because he needs my help with something and then he says “bring your lease and don’t ask me why” Strange…

I come downstairs and he says “I wanted this to be a surprise but we are going to get you a dog today!” ::Smiling Mari!::

We head to Long Island and go to North Shore Animal League to adopt our pup…

Our Values:
Preserve and enhance the lives of shelter pets through rescue efforts that remove them from harm’s way
Advance the highest standards in animal welfare to create a more humane world for companion animals
Sustain our no-kill policy, working tirelessly to nurture and heal the physical and emotional wounds of animals in our care, to restore the high quality of life and dignity that they deserve
Speak for mixed breed animals—Mutt-i-grees®—to elevate their status, increase acceptance and reduce euthanasia
Inspire the next generation to be more compassionate and to understand that adopting a shelter pet is the right choice
Organize a global network of partners that share our goals and continue to provide them with resources and innovative techniques to save lives
Nurture relationships that bond people with shelter pets
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with this place…I remember clipping out the advertisement in the TV Guide and taking it to my dad “Daddy can we pweeeeease go and get a pet”

We arrived at North Shore and instantly my heart breaks for all of these animals…If I had a huge farm (and dinero); I would adopt all of them!

After looking around, I started to think about how unfair it would be for the puppy that I chose; since I have been working crazy hours at the gym. So we then headed to where the cats were and anyone that knows me knows that I am a dog person and am actually nervous around cats (bad experiences when I was child) but I am an animal lover…and they all deserve a home.

Nik and I liked one kitty but she wasn’t having it so we put her back…and then we kept searching and came across this beautiful specimen!

zen 5
Love at first sight!!!!
I instantly loved him and even called him “Myshee”…when I saw him, they were playing “My Sharona” on the radio and I kept saying “mysheeeeee”

After what seemed like forever (more like 2-3 hours)…North Shore calls two references and also your landlord (if you rent) to make sure the pet goes to a safe home…WE WERE APPROVED!

I don’t really know much about kittens/cats so Nik warned me that he may act up on the car ride because they hate not knowing what is going on around them but he was quite the opposite. He was chilling on my lap and loving the ride…I was like “wow you are so zen right now”.

We got home and  let him roam around and he made his home, underneath the couch…
zen 4

He started to roam around my apartment… zen 3

But stayed hidden for most of the day…

Nik and I discussed his name and even called my sister for a third opinion…and we all decided that it should be “ZEN!”  
  zen 2

Thanks babes for bringing some Zen into my life!!!!! Since I am a “NYC Girl trying to find her Zen”


  1. Great name! So happy you found your Zen and best of all that it was at North Shore. He is adorable. ; )

  2. Aww how adorable!! Love that name. Glad that you found your Zen!!

  3. Such a cute name and I love him!! I want to meet him asap!

  4. He is amazingly beautiful. Im allergic but I would sneeze my nose off for his sake. I love you for adopting him and im honestly a little choked up reading this. I am very happy for you. And im happy for Zen making you a cat person.

  5. You found your Zen, that's so perfect!!! I LOVE that you are going to be a cat lover now!! I remember chatting w/ you about how anti-cat we both were. Baby, look at US now!! LOL!!! I wish Zen could meet my babies. :)

  6. Aw! Zen is sooo cute! I'm glad you have a new pet to love. What a perfect gift!

  7. What a little sweetie!

    I've been telling M that Lucy needs a kitty, but so far, he's not budging.

    I hope you and Zen have lots of happy, healthy years together! :)

  8. MARI!!! He is the CUTEST THING! And I am SO not a cat person. But he is really still the CUTEST THING.

  9. Well first I'll say, happy birthday to you!! And next, congrats on the new "ZEN" in your home! I'll admit, I'm not a fan of cats, they make me think of watery eyes and a scratchy throat I'm so allergic!). But, if I wasn't allergic I'd be all about them. Zen is very cute. I hope she gets accustomed well!

  10. happy birthday beautiful!! amazing tha tyou got a kitty!!! and perfect name I could not have picked ou t osmething better for you!!

  11. ADORABLE cat and LOVE the name!!

  12. OMG. I want a kitten so bad!!! I'm a cat person and Zen is a cutie pie!!! So happy you found him. If ever to convert a dog person, Zen is it!

  13. I love him! He is an adorable kitten. Look at Nik taking charge and surprising you with a pet for your birthday ;) All the good guys do that!

  14. First the cat, then the marriage, then the babys.

    No further comment. lol.


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