Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7 Down…Two To Go!!!

This past weekend, I participated in the Fitness Mind, Body, Spirit Games!!! I was very excited to run the 4 miler race because I knew that it would bring me one step (pun intended) closer to the NYC 2012 Marathon but then something no bueno happened…I injured my foot while training a client.


The injury occurred on Wednesday evening and I was still limping around on Friday. I did everything that I had to do (R.I.C.E), crossed my fingers and said a little prayer. On Friday, I trained one of my clients who happens to be a nurse and she suggested that I take 4 Motrin's about 30 minutes to 1 hour before my race (I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS TO ANYONE)

Saturday morning, I woke up and I honestly could not have asked for better weather conditions…it was a beautiful crisp morning.  I wrapped my foot, popped my meds (used advil instead), and drank my sugar free Redbull (hey it’s tradition at this point ha) and headed into the city with my family and friend who was also participating in the race.

When the race started, I still had pain on my foot but I focused on just getting it done. I decided to leave my music at home so that I could feed off the energy of the other runners and spectators…I love the sound of thousand of feet, hitting the pavement.  During the run, I kept reciting “I WANT IT. I WANT IT. I REALLY REALLY WANT IT” (thanks IntenSati!) this way I could focus on the something positive instead of thinking “ouch this hurts…is it over yet"?”

I was able to keep a steady pace through out the race

Fitness 4 Miler

Official NYRR TIME: 41:07 10:17 Pace

Was it my best time? NO…Was it my worst? Nope! Am I happy? VERY!!!!!

7 down and 2 more to go!!!!!



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