Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 ING NYCM!!!!!

Hello Loves!!!!! I am sipping some tea as I write this post because my throat is killing me from being sick and yelling at the NYC marathon!!!


You all know that ever since I attended the Marathon, last year…I have become quite obsessed with it. I even have a Marathon Wall in my Bedroom….


I was a bit bummed out that I was sick this past week and missed out on most of the Marathon festivities, especially since I was chosen to be one of NYRR’s Social Media Reporters but nothing was going to stop me from attending the actual event!

Missy came to pick me up and then we headed into the city to cheer all of our friends on….Missy did some Multitasking while we were on the train…


When we arrived in the city, we split up and I headed to mile 23 to meet my friend Juliette (we never found each other ha)

I loved seeing all the people from all the various countries but I always cheered a little bit louder for the U S A!!!!


And if you are looking to get a little bit more attention…wear a costume!!!

Pac Man…


Minnie Mouse


American Indian


(Julie this one is for you!!!) Pink Gorilla and Banana


Last year, I had amazing bleacher seats but I enjoyed this year a little bit more since I was much closer to all the runners and could feel their energy.



I was inspired by each and every one of them…those who finished…as well as those who gave it all they had!!!!! You were ALL heroes today!

I met up with Missy again and we headed back to Queens for “Linner” and went to Corfu Grill on Austin Street…


I started off with a Greek Salad with a Whole Wheat Pita and Tzatziki sauce


For my main course, I ordered the Falafel platter (no surprise there! ha)which came with, lima beans, rice (blah), and lemon potatoes (woohooo!)


This was a perfect NYC day!!!!!

2012 Marathon countdown begins for me!!!! 52 weeks to go!!!!!


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