Monday, December 12, 2011

All is not lost…

Do you ever have those days when you want to eat everything in sight and then lay in bed wondering what the hell you did you and then promise to do better the next day? But then the next day you end up doing the same thing all over again? Well I felt that way this weekend (I blame it on my birth control…my hormones were allllll out of whack). I could not get enough food and of course I was craving all the bad things!

But then Sunday a light bulb went off….ALL IS NOT LOST!!!! I pealed myself off the couch and made a plate full of veggies, I think my body was tired of all the crap I was eating and just wanted REAL FOOD!

I roasted Brussels, Red Peppers, Onions, and Chickpeas in EVOO, Garlic, and Salt…topped with lite cheese and with a side of homemade Cranberry Sauce….


My veggies must have given me a boost of energy because this morning, I woke up and finished my Christmas shopping and then came home, dropped off my bags and headed out in the cold to do a 3 mile light jog…My pelvis is still not feeling that well so I have to take it nice and easy for now…

It is never too late to press reset…

I will leave you with some holiday pictures…(if you are a long time reader, you know that I visit this house every year)






I wanted to dance with the puppets!


And of course my FAVORITE ice skater…and my usual joke “MAN DOWN”




  1. Oh I have those days way too much! Your dinner looks wonderful though! I'm coming over next time you make that!

  2. You are absolutely right, it is never too late to start over. And I totally understand the deal about hormones, they can be our worst enemy sometimes ;) Love the x-mas pics!

  3. Yep- had lots of those. Nothing like a clean, real meal to get back into the swing of things. Hungry days are just balanced out and then you get back to being your awesome self :)

  4. Um this describes my every weekend. But next time this happens...I'm coming STRAIGHT to this post!

  5. I love what you said, "it is never too late to pres reset", so true. So many people have this all-or-nothing mentality that really throws them off track, and it can easily spiral out of control. Good for you for not letting that happen. I do have those days when I eat everything in sight, but then I just accept them and remember that those days are few and far between, and go on with my life.

  6. So happy I found you on a fellow foodies blog, you've got yourself a new follower! xo Jessica @ Cajunlicious

  7. I love seeing that house every year! My daughter decorated while I was at the hospital with the hubs - I loved coming home to snowmen!

    Thanks for your well wishes for my hubs!


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