Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Try at Thai….

Do you ever crave something that you never had before???? I find this happening to me quite often.

Have you guys seen the new show Chef Roblé & Co. on Bravo? This guy makes me crave everything from Indian to down south cooking!


On one of his latest episodes he was catering for a Jewish Reggae Singer and the food had to be Thai, Vegan, AND KOSHER! He ended up making a Thai Tofu dish (it looked amazing!) that wowed everybody and I went to bed dreaming of this dish…

I searched the bravo site and thankfully they had the recipe but daaaaaaaaaaamn it was long! So I decided to keep looking for other recipes. I knew that I wanted it to have tofu as the star of the show, but it also had to have peanut butter (“hi my name is mari and I am pbholic”), coconut milk, and last but not least curry…which is strange because for most of my life, I was scared of trying this but when you are a “food and fitness” blogger you need to try new things!

I spent about an hour searching for the perfect dish and actually found exactly what I was looking for on another blog, Devour Destroy

I made a couple of changes (only because I didn’t have all of the ingredients)….but here is my version of Thai Style Peanut, Red Curry, with Tofu and Veggies…

First I used my Kettle bell to drain the tofu! This how trainers cook haha


Then I sautéed the Tofu in Evoo


When it was golden brown, I added chopped red peppers and chives


Then I added Red Curry Paste and Peanut Butter…


Then Coconut Milk and Baby Peas…


I tasted it and noticed that it was still a little bland, so I added splenda, salt, and Szechuan Hot Paste…

After about 5 minutes, I served it over a brown rice and let me tell you people…I was freaking impressed with myself!


This will be made again in the near future!!!!

On other news, I made new business card…watcha think?


Have a great day loves!!!!!


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