Tuesday, December 27, 2011

They Know Me So Well…

Hey loves!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday =) Mine was pretty nice; I spent a lot of time with my family which is always something to look forward to.

On Christmas eve we headed to my aunt’s house for a family party and I decided to make some cookies that Nicole posted the other day, I made some tweaks to the recipe (omitted the peanuts and used milk chocolate chips instead) but they turned out amazing!!!

Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Pretzel Cookies…


I am so happy to say that they were GONE by the end of the night. I asked my 4 year old niece if she liked them and she nodded yes and said she ate 3 already! woohooo

Christmas day was pretty laid back…we spent it at my mom’s house and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

My sister gave my mom the Zumba game for the Wii and my niece got Just Dance 3 so I spent a lot of time dancing!


And also opening presents…

Compression Sock from my niece…I used these yesterday for my 3 mile run and I loved them!


New Columbia Jacket from my mom


And a Panini Maker/ Grill from my sister!



My family knows exactly what I love!


I decided to use my Panini maker today for din din…

First I grilled some veggies…


While they were cooking, I cut up my Ciabatta bread…


And also made a Mayo Pesto Sauce…


I popped the sammie in the Panini maker with a slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese


And after about 5 minutes…din din was served!


It turned out great but I need to figure out how to season the veggies a little better, any suggestions????

Oh I forgot the best part about Christmas…Zen opening his gift!


Which he loved!!




  1. I LOVE that jacket! You need that for your walks and waits in the elements!

    I'm so glad you and the fam liked the cookies! I just had one 5 minutes ago...literally :)

  2. you are so cute. i love how you have a stocking for koko...that melted my heart :( your family is the bomb and girl that sandwich looks soooooo good! I'm glad you had a merry christmas. mine wasn't so hot. pero. next year! xoxo

  3. Thanks Nicole for the recipe =)

    Awww Jen, next year you can come celebrate with mi familia =)

    It was hard putting his stocking up this year, I miss him so much but I put it between mine and zen's =) my two boys lol

  4. I NEED those cookies in my life! Especially if they're both you and Nicole-approved.

    Do the compression socks really work? I've heard mixed reviews.

  5. Jo, they kept my legs warm while the rest of me was freezing and after the 1st mile, my legs felt great so for that alone, I was a happy girl....and Nicole told me you two met....J E A L O U S

  6. mmm pretzel cookies!Those look great.

    For veggies, I like marinating them in ziploc bags with some salad dressing. It's pretty good.

  7. Yum! I want some of those cookies :)

    Your family did well on the presents and I'm glad little Zen had a great first Christmas!

    Try brushing the veggies with a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. The sandwich looked fabulous as is though!

  8. Looks like you really scored some great gifts! That jacket fits you "like a glove" :) It looks awesome! I got Nick a new jacket this year. Funny, it's been so warm out too...

    Glad you had a nice time with your family. I'm sad the holidays are almost over :(

  9. I love your christmas swag! I just bought the Zumba game for myself and cant wiat to open it!
    The panini press is a definite awesome gift for you! When i season my veggies, i give them sprinkle then with a little salt and pepper and dust with an herb like oregano then spritz it with cooking spray to make it stick. that should help. But i love a little salt and pepper to bring out the natural flavor of the veggies. nummers.

  10. Great gifts! Those cookies sounds really good and I am not surprised they disappeared quickly. I never thought about the compression socks for running (probably because I don't run!) but I was thinking about getting some for the very long plan rides I have coming up in 2012.

  11. Pick the panini press if you are looking for something to get your food ready in no time


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