Monday, January 30, 2012


Till this day whenever I hear the word “Challenge” I think of this scene from the Cosby Show, where Bill Cosby and Mr. Sandman have a tap battle

“CHALLENGE!!!!” nothing beats classic 80’s shows….

So what exactly is this post about? I have been struggling with morning workouts lately which is so unlike me. The old Mari could wake up with no problem and have a great workout but lately all I want to do is sleep until the very last moment that I NEED to get up for work. I have been able to workout through out the day but I miss how great I feel when I have a morning workout. So with that said…I am going to have a morning workout challenge in February!

My goal is to workout at least for 45 minutes in the morning, EVERY day in February. It can be any sort of workout, including Yoga, Cardio, Strength Training etc. (the only exception is when I train clients 7 am or earlier).

In theory it takes 21 day to make something a habit...I have 29 days  (LEAP YEAR WOOHOO!)

Who wants to join me in my CHALLENGE! (insert sandman voice)


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