Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where Is The Love?

Lately I have been battling with running…I remember when I used to run for fun…where I didn’t worry about pace, training, pr, mileage,satellite etc.  Every morning it is a struggle for me to get out the house and go for a run. My sister mentioned that perhaps running was a “Phase” but I refuse to think that…I just hope I am going through a rough patch and soon it will pass. They always say that the only run you regret is the one you didn’t do, which I am starting to believe because every night I go to bed, thinking “why didn't I get up and just do it!”. I used to love it so much….

On that note, I did sign up for my favorite race (it was my first race ever) Coogan’s, in hopes that it will rekindle my love affair…::fingers crossed::

Working out should be fun and NOT something you dread so I decided to pop in my Turbo Fire 60 DVD this evening (Guaranteed to always make me feel amazing) and just went HARD! After I was done, I still had energy so I did 30 minutes of suspension training (have I mentioned how much I love this!) and burned 715 Calories! BAM


After I was done, I refueled with Sea Cuisine’s Honey Chipotle Salmon and fried rice (my first attempt at making it)…All I did was mix together garlic, onions, pineapples, soy sauce, hot szechuan paste, and brown rice…and it actually turned out pretty good…


Is there a workout or sport that you loved but then all of a sudden had no desire to do?



  1. Funny you said that, because for me working out, PERIOD, has been not so fun lately. I used to look forward to it (somewhat) now I Just dread it. Maybe it's the winter blues?!

  2. This is exactly how I feel with running. I think I need to take it back to basics. Stop worrying about how fast or how far Im going, comparing myself to where I think I should be, and just go for it. As it is, I have to trick myself to run. I set my nike plus for 1 mile, telling myself, I can't give up before that, and then I normally exceed that distance but quite a bit. Yes, I need to just run for the fun of it. I've heard of suspension training but have no clue what exactly it is. I guess I will spend some time googling.

  3. hmmm I don't think I've ever gone through a phase where I disliked running. Ellipticalling and stationary biking...I hate them every second. But I love how I feel when I'm DONE with a workout enough to get me through.

    I agree with Necia...don't worry about time or pace or distance. Just get out there, run a few blocks and if you're feeling it, then run a few more. NO STRESS.

  4. YES! I have the crew team to keep me going. In the past I have lost interest in certain workouts, especially running. Workout DVD's just never get old to me:)

  5. That rice looks good Mari! You are such a healthy person now, it scares me! :)


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