Sunday, March 4, 2012

Giveaway Winner & Roasted Veggie Recipe!

Hey loves!!! this is going to be a quick post….I just wanted to share a new recipe that I just made and also announce the winner of my Oikos Giveaway!!!!

I used to pick the winner and it is MISSY!

random number

Congrats honey!!!! Email me your mailing address so that I can send over your package!!!!


I have been doing a little detox for the past couple of days, basically I want to focus on fruits and veggies as well as whole grains.

Today for din din I threw together some Veggies; Asparagus, Onions, Red and Yellow Peppers, and Chickpeas and tossed them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, and Garlic and threw it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 400 Degrees.

While the veggies were roasting, I made a simple dressing to coat them in when they were done. For the dressing I used White wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spicy Brown Mustard, Lime Juice, and Splenda, I don’t have exact measurements...I just threw everything together.


I have a confession…What I really wanted was PIZZA!!!! But I have to say that this was just as good! Give it a try!


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