Sunday, June 10, 2012

NYRR 2012 Mini 10K

Hey guys!!!!! The other day I hinted that I was doing an upcoming race and I did it!!!! Last year I did NYRR’s Mini 10K and immediately fell in love with it…can you say “Girl Power”!



This year was even more special because it was the 40th anniversary and Jacqueline Dixon who won back in 1972 was there to celebrate the anniversary.


My sister was sweet enough to come to the race with me and snapped pictures (and hold my bags lol) while I raced. I know I say this quite often but I am truly blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. While waiting for the race to begin, I bumped into a member from my gym…it was nice chatting with her…small world.

Side note: Leave it to us to find eye candy in he sea of women…



My traditional CHEESY pre race photo (no I did not drink iced coffee right before my race…I held my sister’s drink while she took the photo ha)


I said bye to Jenn and headed off…

I started off strong but then the hills came and my energy went out the door…Mile 4 was brutal for me. I started to get really bad stomach pains and had to take a lot of walking breaks.


I pushed through and before I knew it…I SAW MY SIS!!!


We even bumped into Sway from MTV and he was kind enough to take a photo with me (sweaty and all)


And just like that I received my 2nd Mini 10K Medal…


The day was filled with girl power but I couldn’t wait to get back to my boy…

deep thought


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