Monday, July 30, 2012

Vega Smoothie

I was recently contacted by the company Vega to try out their Vega Energizing Smoothie.


Here is a little info about Vega, courtesy of their website:

Vega One (and its predecessors, Vega Whole Food Meal Replacement and Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer) has been so successful it inspired the development of all the Vega products you know and love. Each new Vega product is formulated based on the Guiding Principles of Vega and Brendan's passion for clean, plant-based nutrition. Rooted in the shared belief that the closest you can get to perfection is constant improvement, Brendan and Vega are on a continual mission to discover new ingredients and explore new ideas on how to make existing—and future—Vega products even better.


I tried the Vanilla Almondilla and loved it instantly….I really enjoyed the nutty almond flavor and what I liked most about it was that it held me over while I trained back to back clients


One serving of Vega Energizing Smoothie features

  • Two servings of veggies
  • 10 g of complete, plant-based protein
  • 5 g of fiber
  • 1 g of Omega-3
  • I would definitely have this flavor again! Great tasting and good for the planet? WIN WIN!


  1. Hi Mari! I just tried VEGA's vanilla chai protein add and am still looking for a way to make the smoothie. Any suggestions for a good smoothie blend? Thanks! Best, L

  2. I've definitely seen this on shelves, but have never tried it.
    I just hate how they say you can count this as two servings of veggies. My question is, does the fiber actually come from veggies? Or is it inulin/chicory root? I'm curious.

    I love following you on Instagram, Mari!

  3. I've tried vega also and really liked it! Perfect for post workout fuel.


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