Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 7 of Marathon Training…

Hello my loves!!!!! (how many times have I started a post like this? hmmm)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor day! I trained a client this morning and then hit a few of my favorite stores including Trader Joe’s, Sports Authority, and GNC! 

After all my running around, I came home and whipped up this lunch…

Mixed veggies and a cooked salmon burger in Coconut Oil, Natural Peanut Butter, Red Curry, Coconut Milk, Soy Sauce, and 1 packet of Splenda


I am a bit sore today because Ayer I did my Long “run”. I use quotation marks because there was a lot of walking going on. I have been having issues with my right ankle and left IT band so I have been foam rolling like WOAH!


Yesterday’s run looked like this. My plan was to do 5 minutes walk and 5 minutes run intervals but once I hit about mile 12, my body started to get extremely tired. And HUNGRY! I remember telling my stomach “stop growling” (Yeah I talk to myself…don’t judge)

15 miler

My initial goal for the Marathon was to do it under 5 hours but now it is just to FINISH THAT B*TCH!




  1. Did you take any Gus or eat anything during your run?? You should ALWAYS have something to eat (I use Gu gels) every hour of running!! Especially in this heat!

    1. I had two different gels but I was still hungry. Next time I will make my paleo pancakes double the size

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  3. lol. From five hours, to just finish. I love it. I think it's fine to change your goals! At least you are doing it. I can remember not too long ago when you were running your first 5k! you've come so far MAri!

    I gave my foam roller to my mom because I never used it, but this weekend I was so sore and I regretted it. HA! I need another.

  4. I am not a fan of gels. You should try something else for fuel and see if that helps with the hunger. Not sure what but maybe a banana or orange slices or something like they hand out at races. You are still doing great though!

  5. 15 miles?! You amaze me! Get it girl...and still loving the Spanglish ;)

  6. I need to adapt these kind of diet and entrees for my mini run as I am a newbie on this one. I used to intake best pre workout supplements in instinct borne from the gym, but it was not the right approach. I am trying to trim down and get more energy.

  7. Duanne, stretching those muscles in the first few weeks might be a little tough on you. I've specifically used sierrasil to ease the pain before. Hope this helps!


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