Monday, October 1, 2012

33 More Days??? AND 20 miles DONE!

Holy crap people! how is it only 33 more days until the ING NYC Marathon???? Sh*t just got real people! My training was thrown a curveball the past couple of weeks. I was hit with tonsillitis last week and had to totally skip my long run last Sunday which was 18 miles. Because I have been sick, I also have been slacking on my foam rolling and stretching and boy did that slap me in the face ayer!

Preparing for my 20 miler started on Saturday evening; I downloaded one of my favorite Dean Koontz books. Do you like to listen to audio book when you are doing long runs or do you stick to just music?


Ayer I woke up and made protein pancakes with natural PB and lite syrup before heading out…


My plan was to do 6 minutes of light jog followed by 4 minutes of walking for the duration of the 20 miles but when I hit mile 8, my right knee started to hurt like a son of a bitch! I had 2 options turn around and go back home or just keep going and walk if I have to. And that is exactly what I did..I kept going until I hit the 10 mile mark which perfectly ended right here!


I felt discouraged because I had to walk most of it but how many people can say that they even walked 20 miles? And when I started to lose focus as to why I was putting my body through this, God sent me a sign…LITERALLY!

MARATHON PARKWAY!!!!!579770_459653360751359_808161816_n

And just like that, I completed my longest distance EVER! From Queens to Long Island and back again!


Best part of this, was when it was over and my dad brought me din din!!! Korean Seafood soup…this was DEEEEELISH!


I hope that my next 20 miler goes a little better than this!!!! ::fingers crossed::


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