Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bare Bloggers…

Hello my loves!!!! One of my goals for 2013 is to blog more often…last year I barely made the time to do it which is no bueno! IF I can blog at least once a week, I will be a happy girl.

I recently started stalking oops I mean talking to Amber from Exoycise (AMAZING BLOG!). We have been following each other on Instagram for a couple of months and I have been inspired by her success. She has made the transition to eating meat, a little easier for me.

We decided to take our friendship out of the virtual world and meet for lunch this weekend. I have been really sick and even had a fever but I was determined to meet her!


I was nervous that even though we do speak almost every day via text etc. that our first encounter would be awkward but it was quite the opposite. We laughed and talked like old friends which was really nice. She gets my dorky humor and didn’t judge me for flirting with our cute waiter (who shall remain nameless to protect his privacy hahaha).

We thought it was only fitting to have lunch at Bare Burger in Queens


From their Website:

It’s important to remember that whenever you eat a meat product, you’re eating everything ingested by that animal. Eating foods raised in modern, factory-like settings means ingesting growth hormones, pesticides and a myriad of antibiotics. None of these have any place in your body or in our restaurant.

It’s equally important to remember that when you eat organic fruits and vegetables, you are eating food that is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins compared to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

I ordered the Western burger which had smoked mozzarella, country bacon, house-made Carolina slaw, smokehouse sauce, and topped with crispy spicy pickle spear on their Gluten Free tapioca rice bun.



All in all this was a blogger meet up success!



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