Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinner For One…

One of the most ANNOYING questions that I get all the time is “don’t you hate cooking just for yourself?”. I’m sorry, am I not worthy enough to eat because I am single? F That! I love to cook and I enjoy to treat myself to an amazing meal.

This morning before I headed to work, I took a piece of Steak out the freezer to defrost.

Mari’s single girl tip:When you buy a piece of steak, cut it into two pieces and put them in Ziploc bags before you place it in the freezer.


When I got home from work, I cut a potato in half and put it to boil.


While the potato boiled, I coated the Steak in Coconut Oil and sprinkled it with Salt.



I put some more coconut oil in the pan and cooked it on high.

cooked steak

I then added a little bit of butter right at the end.


I let the steak sit for a bit and finished making my mashed potatoes. First I chopped up some Chives…


Added some Sour Cream


And one Strip of Bacon


I added some greens on the side and instead of using dressing, I used half a lemon.


AND BAM…Dinner FOR ONE is Served!


Now who wants to do dishes?



  1. I hate that attitude!! We are worth it whether we are single, married, divorced....whatever!

  2. Wait...what, you cook for YOURSELF?! haha, like I said on Instagram, I think it's wonderful, and I truly miss cooking just for myself. It's much more fun and you're able to be more crafty and creative because you only hav eone person to please...yourself! I cooked for myself today because Nick is playing poker. I jazzed up my meal quite well, I must say!
    I love your use of coconut oil. I've never actually cooked with it. I should try it sometime.

  3. That looks fab honey, i might steal your potato idea. (and who, fancy butter! lol)

  4. Lately my husband and I have been splitting portions of meat instead of each having a huge serving - not only saves $$ but calories too!

    I am glad you cook for yourself - you deserve it!

  5. My God, YES COOK! You are so right to do that!!! Mind you I still cook the same size portions as I did when I was single. Except now I have to share. lol.

    That steak looked lovely. Can you make me a steak when I eventually drag the family to NY. OH And some of that potato mash, but go full fat ingredients for me. Those Roman beans might go well with it. Can I have some of those.

    Sorry I am embarassing myself by getting carried away. lol..


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