Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent, We meet again…

It about that time of year again! Commercials of fish sandwiches are dominating the television and my Facebook feed is all about Fat Tuesday, which I honestly have no Idea what that means…so I just order takeout! Which brings me to my Lent Challenge…

Living in NYC is so amazing for so many different reasons. One of these is, you can have anything you want delivered at pretty much any time but after a while you start to feel it in your pants (and their pockets).

I seriously have a folder FILLED with menus of various places that deliver to my place!

menus 2

This year for lent, I am giving up (God I can’t even spell it) TAKEOUT! I will still occasionally go out to dinners etc. but no more delivery men knocking on my door (sorry dudes!)

But Lent is not just about giving something up. I believe it is a time to add something that will fulfill your life and enrich it in some way, as well. For me this is Yoga.


Zen is a yogi too


My Yoga challenge will consist of doing a minimum of 20 minutes of Yoga, 5 times a week and also I want to hold my crane pose for 5 Seconds by Easter! Today I fell flat in my face but was able to hold it for about a second haha. (You have to be able to laugh at yourself!)



Are you giving anything up for Lent or perhaps challenging yourself?



  1. I'm a big fan of adding something during this time although giving up takeout too is an amazing thing to sacrifice! Good for you on both :)

    Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday :) Basically people use it as an excuse to gorge before fasting or not eating meat on Ash Wednesday and before giving up whatever they are for Lent.

  2. I dont do lent but i support this years challenge. I went months without ordering take-out, and then i met Brent. LOL. we do take out once per week as a treat and cook everything else. Its ridiculously expensive if you dont watch your pennies.
    Good on you! I hope you nail that crane pose (which i havent done since i was 16! yikes)

  3. That's a good one! I order takeout for myself way too often and then end up spending 10-15 on nothing. I don't celebrate Lent but I should give this up too. #Broke

  4. Good for you!! These are some awesome goals! I love how you're committing to doing something in addition to giving something up :)

  5. We only have two places that deliver to our house - we live in the sticks though! I think its a great idea - maybe do some more home cooking too!

    I am not Catholic, and even though my husband hasn't stepped foot in a Catholic church since his son graduated from 8th grade, its no meat Friday's beginning this week. He forgot he wasn't supposed to eat meat yesterday too and had a hot dog for lunch!

  6. yay for yoga! I think I'm too late for Lent...or too scatterbrained, or don't celebrate, but I think it's a great time for people to evaluate things. Good luck on your challenge hun!

  7. I'm trying to watch my potty mouth and hopefully by the time Lent's over, I'll be talking like a Catholic girl again. lol. Enjoy yoga!


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