Friday, March 22, 2013

I Love Gifts!

About two weeks ago Danny J the creator of the Sweaty Betties hosted a great webinar with Kelsey Byers and it was sponsored by Labrada Nutrition Lean Body For Her. During the webinar they held a giveaway and at the end of live event, they were going to choose a few listeners to win a package. Guess who was one the lucky listeners?

This Girl!!!!


I was so excited to try all the protein powders!!! I first tried the Vanilla Ice-cream powder with my Green monster.

green monster

It was delish and I love that it has 30 grams of Protein.

This morning I went for a run and for the first time I wore my Marathon shirt. I’ve had it hidden in my closet ever since November.

marathon shirt

After my run, I came back and this time I tried the Strawberry Ice cream flavored Labrada lean body for her protein powder with almond milk and it was ahhhhhmazing!!! I was so sad when I drank the last bit. If you are an 80’s kid, you might remember the cereal Frankenberry, this tasted so similar to it!

picture 2

I still haven't tried the chocolate flavor but I  am sure it is just as good…until next time…

Happy Running, Zen, and Clean eating!

picture 1


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