Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lent Update & Sweat 0 Gymboss 1…

Hey hey hey!!!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day…I am home waiting for the snow to fall ha. Snow is so nice when it falling but when it turns to “snirt” it is just annoying.

Sooooo Lent has been going on for 22 days and my challenge has been going pretty good! I haven’t ordered take out AND I have done Yoga 17 times! Woohooo. I am still falling flat on my face when I do crane pose but that doesn’t mean, I am going to stop trying!


This Sunday marked the 5 year Anniversary since my grandmother passed away (I miss her so much!!) and it only seemed fitting that since I ran my first race in her honor, that I would finally go for a run and dedicate it to her! Can you believe it has been about 2 months since I last ran…


Getting out there only made me miss running even more so I decided to go for another run this morning but I wanted to do a Run/Walk Intervals of 5/1. I have the Ease into 10K app on my phone but I hate carrying my phone when I go out for short run and plus I don’t put any music on it (I use my nano) so I needed a plan B. Then a light bulb went off “dumbass use your gymboss”.  I am obsessed with my gymboss and mostly use it when I do tabata training and when I train my clients as well. 

I set my timer for 5 rounds of 5 minutes jogging and 1 minute walking and headed out.


Everything was going great but then when I hit the third round, my screen went blank and I noticed some condensation. I tried to reset it but I had no luck. Gymboss never claimed to be waterproof and fun fact about Mari: I sweat like a beast even in 30 degree temperature AND I had it clipped on my pants with the screen facing my body. I came back home whined on gymboss’s facebook page (btw thanks for getting back to me so fast!) and put my gymboss in rice (I always keep a bag of rice for my electrical gadgets).


I did some Yoga and had some breakfast…

 single legbfast

And when I checked my gymboss…the screen was back!!!!!

after rice


Aaaaaand all is right with the world again! Next time I am going to keep it in a little ziploc bag and in my spibelt!


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