Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let’s do this!

Hey hey hey! Ever since I ran for my grandmother the other day, I got the running bug yet again!!!! And the timing couldn’t be more perfect…one of my fave races is right around the corner and I have just enough time to train for it!

NYRR Mini 10K which this year is being sponsored Oakley will be held on June 8th and will take place in Central Park.

I have been stalking the Road Runners website and facebook fanpage for the past couple of days; waiting for the registration to open. They announced yesterday that registration would be today at 12 so I sat here and waited but then they changed it to 12:30 OYE!


Good things come to those who wait…I am IN!


I think one of the reasons that I really appreciate this race is because it promotes girl power and this is something that is important to me because I want to be a role model for the ladies (young and old) in my family.

5k forest park

Homefries showing off her medal at a mini kid’s race

AND this year we have a new little lady in our family so I can’t wait to hear her cheering for her titi!

monkey and titi


This is my first race since everything happened in November so I am excited that it is definitely one of my favorites! Are there any races that you try to participate in every year?


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