Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston….

I couple of years ago I went to Boston with Missy to visit some bloggers for a day trip and I instantly fell in love with this city. I would move there in a “NY Minute”


When I heard what happened yesterday, I was in shock. As a runner all I can think was "these are my people".  I sat glued to the television for most of the afternoon with tears streaming down my face. As a social media person, I kept searching the net to see If there was anything we could do to show our support and that's when I saw a friend post about a virtual run.

And of course I was all over this so this morning I ran for BOSTON! And I proudly wore my "Green Monster" shirt. I am also joining other runners today and wearing one of  my race shirts.



I know this is not much but this is how I show my love to everyone out there. Be kind today.


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  1. Aww, love it. I know, this whole thing is so sad.

  2. What a lovely tribute, I would do the same if I could. I've never been to Boston but my parents have and they loved it too.

  3. I wore my boston marathon shirt today and went for a run...and even doing that simple thing felt like I was doing something. Solidarity.