Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#SpringToHealth Day 3 “Take The Stairs”

Hello loves!!!! So today is day 3 of the #SpringToHealth challenge and today you need to take the stairs! I am all about sneaking in exercise throughout the day and one of the easiest ways to do this, is skip the elevator and use YOUR LEGS!

Take the Stairs

I am all about using my legs this morning; today I went for a run which consisted of 4 rounds 8/1 Run/Walk Intervals. After my run, I came home and refueled with Organic Oats, cinnamon and sweetener, topped with 1/2 a banana and sunflower seed butter

Run and Oats

I have some MORE exciting news…I am happy to announce that KIND Healthy Snacks has joined our group of sponsors for the #SpringToHealth Challenge!



You still have time enter the challenge with Amber, Jill, and myself, check out my previous post for all the details


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  1. You totally have me craving sunflower seed butter. I haven't had it in so long, once my PB runs out, I'm fixing that :)