Thursday, April 4, 2013

#SpringToHealth Day 4 “Get Your Greens In”

Hello my loves!!!! Today is Day 4 of the Challenge and I am pretty excited about it because it is all about getting your greens in! And one of my oh so favorite ways is through my GREEN MONSTER!

Blender(yes, I still use my stove as a counter top..welcome to living in NYC)

green monster

BUT my green affair does not stop there! Last night I went out to din din for my little sister’s birthday and ordered a HUGE ASS SALAD which I could barely finish…look at the size of this monster!


Sooooo I saved some for lunch!  It doesn’t look as pretty today but sure tastes good!


One of the things that I learned from my few year of being a vegetarian, is how to truly enjoy eating vegetables. When I was younger “vegetable” was like a four letter word but now it is a staple in my diet.

How are YOU getting in your veggies?greens

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  1. I love my green monsters too! Ha, I had to laugh at you using your stove as a counter - I did the same thing this morning - I put my cutting board on my electric stove because I ran out of space!

    It's so sad, our kitchen is almost too small to hold both me and my husband at the same time!