Monday, May 13, 2013

Facing Your Fear…

Sooooo I am stepping out of my comfort zone…

One of the hardest things for me to do as a blogger, is to create vlogs. I have created some in the past, at events as well as a tutorial on how to make my beloved green monster and also my home gym. BUT if you clicked on those links, you noticed that the last time that I did this was in 2009!!!!

I am committed to work on the things that scare me and putting myself out there for the world to judge is definitely one of my fears. I decided this past weekend to just practice doing a vlog and was not even certain that I would post it up for anyone to see besides my family and close friends. With some encouragement from a fellow Sweaty Betties Ambassador, Brooklyn Fit Chick (BTW check out her vlogs…they are AMAZING!) I mustered up the courage and here it is!

I talk about my new logo, as well as being invited to fitblognyc AND Bob Harper’s new book!

Namaste Mari Rambles

I am going to work on these and have at least one vlog posted every other week!

Do you vlog??? What is something that you are afraid of?


  1. Great vlog! I recently joined the vlogging bandwagon as well. Mostly in the format of what goes on in a day or shopping hauls. I enjoy it enough to do it once in awhile.

    I love your take on Bob's book. I heard all the cries about the 800 calories and even Jillian Michaels casually mentioned it in her show. He is a pretty down to earth guy and I knew there had to be more too it. I think I will get his book and check it out.

    Look forward to seeing you at fitblognyc :)

    1. Oh where did you hear her talk about it? I listen to her podcasts but haven't heard her mention it....


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