Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Part 2; The Events and Sponsors!

In my last post we left off with all the amazing speakers at the Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC meet and tweet.


After the morning seminars, we took a break for lunch and to check out all the fabulous vendors!

Lunch was pretty yummy! I ended up having a grilled chicken wrap with a side salad and a smoothie.


After lunch I headed inside to check out all the vendor with Patty and of course I was drawn to all the new sneakers!!!!!

Check out all the hot Reebok Sneakers! I am loving their new “Live with Fire” campaign!!!


And check out Saucony!!! Saucony also has a great campaign going on right now “Find Your Strong


I love campaigns that promote empowerment and finding YOUR greatness!

After checking out the kicks,I made my way to the Crystal Light Liquid display. I watch Celebrity Apprentice and I remember one week they I had to complete a task for Crystal Light to promote this new line and I was dying to try it! I tried the blueberry raspberry flavor and it was amazingly delish!


I then made my way to the Ford Fiesta Photo Booth and snapped some pictures with Amber!


I continued to make my way around, visiting all the sponsors before it was time to workout! A couple of days before the event, we had to choose a workout we wanted to participate in and our choices were:

Mad Cool Fitness brought to you by Athleta
From working the abs and arms to toning the “junk in your trunk,” Jennifer Turner will lead the MAD COOL CARDIO DANCE PARTY.  This is a great and fun way for any fitness enthusiast to take charge of their health while rocking out to a great mix of pop, funk and R&B sounds. 
Jennifer Turner is a high-powered media executive, Athleta Sponsored Athlete and true health inspiration – her life’s mission is to empower others to “activate” their innate ability to have a healthy lifestyle and achieve happiness.

Power Run brought to you by Saucony
Join a Saucony athlete on a power run around NYC.  More than a run, this work-out will include drills to take your run to the next level.

Yoga with Tara Stiles brought to you Reebok
Reebok Yoga bends the rules, taking yoga out of traditional environments and conventions making it fun, fresh, athletic and accessible to everyone. Reebok is excited to offer a yoga class with Tara Stiles, showcasing the latest Reebok Yoga styles, inspired by her rebel attitude. Tara Stiles offers a fresh take on a very traditional discipline. She is the author of the international best seller ‘Slim Calm Sexy Yoga’ and  founder/owner of the celebrated Strala Yoga studio, which places emphasis on its “yoga for all” ethos.

What do you think I chose? I’ll give you a minute to think about it…


I am a huge fan or Tara and took a class with her husband when I was part of the Nissan Leaf bloggers event for the 2011 Marathon.

It was a gorgeous day so we took the class outdoors!


Beside our feet feeling like they were on hot coals (haha), this was a wonderful  experience!!! Tara has amazing energy and I love that she teamed up with Reebok to make a Yoga line!!!! and I am loving their motto “Who Made The Rules?”

AND what is a blogger event without hanging out with some friends!? I got to see my fellow Sweaty Betties Ambassador. Brooklyn Fit Chick! Love this woman!


Amber and I posing…


I even met  Fitness Model Kelsey Byers


This event was amazing but then they took it the the next level and gave us SO MANY GOODIES! Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors; Athleta. Camelbak, Crystal Light Liquid, Ford Fiesta Movement, Marmot, Reebok, Saucony, Smart Balance, Tonalin. VIchy, and so many more!!!!!!!


I already have put some of my goodies to good use…



I am so grateful for this experience and want to thank everyone at Fitness Magazine for making this event happen and inviting me to participate.


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