Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What’s Happening…

Who remembers this show from the 80’s?!??! God I miss the 80’s!!!!

whats happening


So I had a little health scare yesterday but thankfully it was not something HORRIBLE but it made me appreciate the little things in life that made me smile recently…

ONE: I was one of the winners of the Sweaty Betties dietbet challenge! I managed to lose 4 percent of my weight! BAM. If you are looking to lose weight and need a kick in the butt, I totally recommend trying this out. Danny J created a new challenge for the month of May and you still have time to enter.

diet bet winner

TWO: I received my order from Cavegirl Confections! Cavegirl Confections is Paleo approved Gluten and Grain free Snacks! I ordered the cherry vanilla almond butter and the key lime pie bites…holy yums batman!

almond butterCave girl

THREE: I ordered my new business cards and love them!!!!!


FOUR: I was invited to Fitness Magazine’s FitBlogNYC Meet and Tweet!!!!! I can’t wait to attend this event next week!!!



What are you grateful for?


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