Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day…

Happy National Running Day!!!!!!!!  I am so excited to see my “feed” on various networks filled with my friends getting out there and partaking on this day!

I have the Mini 10K coming up this weekend and I wanted to get in one last GOOD run before Saturday. Last night before heading to bed, I set three goals for my run today:

  1. Hills Training
  2. Keep my pace under 12 minutes
  3. Complete 6 miles

I am happy to say that I hit all my goals! I headed to the park and did 30/1 Run Walk Interval until I hit 6 mile

running day

I am pretty happy with my splits especially since in the last mile; I kept going up and down 1 really steep hill.


Are you guys going to celebrate today?

Hey even if it is just horizontal running… Do something!


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  1. Who knew yesterday was National Running Day?! Not me! But guess what? I DID run! WAhooo!! So, I celebrated. Check!

  2. Congrats on celebrating such a nice holiday!