Monday, June 10, 2013

#NextLevelNYC & NYRR Oakley Mini 10K

Hello my loves!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty fabulous but let’s start with Wednesday…

As you all know, I recently became a Sweaty Betties Ambassador and when Danny J  (founder of The Sweaty Betties) told us that she was coming to NYC, I was a giddy school girl!

Danny and Bex planned an event on Wednesday evening (#NextLevelNYC) in Madison Square Park which I headed to after picking up my bib for my Mini 10K!


We could not have asked for a more perfect day for an outdoor event. I arrived at the park and finally met Danny for the first time! And of course I had to wear my “Namaste Bitches” shirt haha


While I waited for the event to start, I mingled and it was nice to finally meet some ladies that I have been friends with on various social networks like Meredith! And of course seeing some of my chicas!





Danny and Bex were thinking of a way to torture us before starting…


Why not a planking contest? hahahaha


mari planking

(Not the most flattering photo haha)

After planking which seemed like FOREVER, we all sat around in a circle and introduced ourselves and Danny and Bex shared with us how they met and gave us some advice in regards to social media and just life in general.


After the park, a few of us headed over to Dos Caminos for din din…I ordered the fish tacos which were DEEEELISH!


I really loved this meet up, mostly because I met a lot of incredible women who also have decided to make health and fitness part of their life. We all have different stories and perhaps different goals but we are all committed to being the best version of ourselves and always strive for MORE…


Which leads me to my next event…



This is the third year in a row that I run this race and I absolutely love it! I have even grown to love the Harlem Hills!!!

I headed into the city with my sister and niece bright and early on Saturday morning; I am so blessed that they are always there to cheer me on!


Around 7:45, I made my way to my corral and waited impatiently for us to start. I had one goal for this race, beat my time from last year which was 1:10:34.

The first couple of miles were pretty good but I knew that I was going too fast (for me) and tried to bring down my pace before heading into Central Park but it was too late and boom the hills started to come and my pace when down like WOAH! I was getting disappointed in myself that I took a couple of walking breaks but I listened to my body.


And in the end, I managed to hit my goal!!!!!


This was such a great event, yet again!!!!!!


I want to you to take away two things from this post…ALWAYS strive for MORE and NEVER let fear you deter you from trying something new.


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