Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workout Wednesday and Love Is In the Air!!!!

Happy Hump Day my Loves!!!!! It is a beautiful day in NYC; I have been out and about enjoying the sun.

Today’s Workout Wednesday will be a fast and fun AND you can do it outdoors! Go grab a 2 Kettlebells (1 Heavy and 1 light) and a Dumbbell and get moving!

This weekend I was able to share a special day with my family! My little cousin got married this past Saturday and it reminded me what REAL love looks like.  I am so happy for him and even happier that I can officially call his wife, my cousin.
Loves don’t forget to sign up for F/N Pop Up!!!!!! 


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  1. She looks beautiful in that dress, I'm loving it!
    And...can't wait to finally meet you Mari!!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting this info on the F/N pop up! Sidenote: That kettlebell routine looks VICIOUS (which I love!).