Monday, October 28, 2013

FN Pop-Up….

Hello my Loves!!!

I have been posting about this event for over a month and the weekend finally arrived!!!


I headed into the city with my good friend Bekki yesterday morning to get my ass kicked by K Mae Cags and Jazzy and meet my girl Claudette!

We could not have asked for a better day in Central Park..the sun was shining and the foliage was beautiful.

pic 8

Jazzy was the first one to greet us and we warmed up by doing 20 Jumping Jacks and then going around in a circle introducing ourselves and using a hashtag to describe ourselves. My hashtag was #Ihaveamigrainebutcantwaittogetmyasskicked (oooooh how I would regret those words! hahaha)

When everyone arrived, we broke off into groups of 8 to get our asses handed back to us workout.

The way they set it up was that we would train with each of the trainers for a few minutes and then head over to the next trainer for our next circuit.

First Mylee kicked our asses! If ya’ll don’t know who she is, you NEED to check out her page…the girl is amazing and such an inspiration. After Mylee, Krissy (Kmae) kicked our ASS!!!! This might have been my fave workout because it included running. We had to run in a straight line and the person in the back of the line would have to sprint to the front and so on and so on, until the last person is back to the rear of the line. After we ran, we would drop to the ground and do 1 minute of pushups…and GET UP AND DO IT AGAIN! I think we ran about 3 times! And just when we thought we were done, nope! One more circuit to go…We got our butts kicked by TSJ…that dude made my quads cry!!!!!

We took a break and then played Red Rover and kids this is nothing like what you see in schoolyards! This game was brutal hahahaha

Pic 1pic 9

We then had Q&A with the ladies…

pic 5

pic 4

This was such a great day and I met so many amazing people…

pic 10

Side note the ladies mentioned that they will be doing more FN Pop-Up events so stay tuned! Road Trip anyone?!?!

It felt so good to run again ayer, that I headed out for a 2 miler this morning and so grateful that my foot is feeling better!!!!!

pic 11


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