Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Have a Eating Disorder and Workout Wednesday

I struggled with writing this post because I hate showing my flaws but I have been dealing with this a lot recently and I need an outlet.
If you have been following my journey, you know that I was extremely overweight and one of the reasons is because I am a binge eater. I was doing really well with it but recently it has gotten out of control and it is effecting my life.
I find myself thinking about food ALL the time and succumbing to the urges. I get the fix and then feel like shit and have no motivation to do anything but lay on the couch and feel disgusted with myself.
I am tired of beating myself up and comparing myself to others. I am tired of not being happy for my friends when good things happen to them because I am too busy thinking “Why not me?”.

If I were one of my clients, I would tell them to call me when they felt weak and take it day by day so I need to take my own advice.

So here it is day 1 with no binge! I will count the days, hours, minutes, seconds until it gets easier.
I read somewhere that you need to find your “why” Why do I want to control my binging? Because I want to help other people!

Here is today’s routine! It is all about Arms and Abs


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