Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday and Wedding Bells!!!!

Today has been an exciting day!!!

This morning I headed to train my client but first I had to make sure to pop some pain killers, put on my compression socks, and strap my arch!


I hurt my foot over the weekend and it seemed to make my plantar fasciitis flare up yet again! I have been foam rolling and massaging my foot with a golf ball, whenever I get a chance…


Even though my foot is being a #sonofabitch It does not mean that I still can’t get a workout in! Today’s #WorkoutWednesday routine is all about our ARMS!!! I snuck in some KB swings to keep my heart rate elevated…

I will be doing this workout later on today! 


I am happy to say that my cousin got married today!!!! My family has had three weddings in the past 2 months AND we have a baby on the way too…I was honored to spend this special day with them and be their witness =) 



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