Wednesday, November 6, 2013

21 Day Sugar Day Detox and Workout Wednesday…

Happy Hump day my loves!!!!!! I hope ya’ll are having a fabulous morning so far! I started my day super early and worked with a couple of clients and then snuck in a 3 mile walk since it is so gorgeous today!!!!! For Breakfast I had some yummy egg whites with chopped onions and bacon, avocado, and grated parm.


You may have noticed that my breakfast is low in carbs and sugar and that is because I decided to embark on a new challenge!!! I decided to start the 21 Day Sugar Detox on Monday. I really want to get my sugar cravings under control, especially before the holidays so I think that this is just what I needed. I love that there is such a large Facebook community that started on Monday as well, so it helps to have some support.


On Monday I went to my lover (Trader Joes’) and stocked up on so many goodies for the is all about being prepared! And I already made a recipe from the book…Italian stuffed peppers…nom nom nom

PrepStuffed Peppers

Yesterday was a little hard and I was definitely craving something sweet…thank god we are allowed to have Granny Smith apples!



Today we have a special Workout Wednesday! I decided to share a great workout that Danny J posted a bit ago! It is all about legs!


Check out Danny demonstrating the moves!!

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