Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goddess On The Go…

This past weekend I attended Goddess On The Go and had such a wonderful time.


I arrived early for the Press Event and got a chance to meet all the sponsors. (Sidenote, do you remember the movie “Boomerang”? the event was held in the loft where Eddie Murphy lived)


PicMonkey Collage 2PicMonkey Collage

One of my favorite vendors was Essense of Vali…great product and Valerie was such a pleasure to speak with. I bought two of her oils and have been using them every day.


Incase you missed my previous post, here is some info about GOTG

Goddess On the Go reconnects women to their essential needs, so they can experience life with a full “tank” of gratitude and glow. Our workshops bring women together to reconnect to their pure and perfect pleasure, spice up their sensual sides, and bask in the power of sisterhood. Led by a compelling group of experts on wellness, spirituality, and beauty, participants dive into all that’s divine about being a woman.

Too often, women are busy running from place to place, forgetting to take care of ourselves first (if at all). We get disconnected from our bodies, our needs, and our intuition, forgetting what makes us happy—or that we even deserve to feel happiness at all. At Goddess On The Go workshops, women connect, move their bodies, and uncover their bombshell beauty, in a fun space designed to heal and create lasting fulfillment. It’s a serene celebration of life, goddess style!

  The event began with Leora giving thanks to everyone for being there…including the beautiful Aliah who helped put the event together!

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Our first speaker was the creator of The Sexy Revolution and author of Wild Woman In The Bedroom; Layla Martin. Layla is an expert in Tantric and Taoist traditions and helps women take control of their sexuality. Layla had us perform a few moves to find our inner goddess and we had so much fun…imagine a room filled with women dancing and having a blast with no inhibitions.


Next up was Dawn Copeland; Dawn is a coach, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator and creator of The Feminine Evolution Process. Dawn shared her story with us and this lady is so inspirational. Dawn made us do an exercise where we closed our eyes and think of our best version of ourselves and think of words to describe her and for me it was “Strong and Confident” and then think of one or two words that stop us from getting there and my words were “Doubt and Fear”. We then opened our eyes and performed an exercise to release those negative words.


The next speaker was Lara Licharowicz from The Lara Touch. I can’t even describe how amazing Lara is…you can tell from hearing her speak that she is SO passionate about what she does. To be honest I didn’t even know she was a personal trainer as well until I read her bio on her page “Lara takes personal training to a new realm;combining traditional strength training with energy medicine, muscle activation & stress management techniques”.  Lara had us do Chakra exercises with an abundance oil and I felt so great when it was done.


These women all have workshops coming up in the near future so be sure to checkout their sites for more info!

If I had to use one word to describe this day, it would be Sisterhood. I left there making new friends, connecting with old, and loving myself so much more. PicMonkey Collage 3

I am a goddess and so are you!



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