Sunday, April 20, 2014

Over A Month?

Happy Easter!!!! It is only seems right since Jesus was resurrected today, that I bring my blog back to life with a new post ha.

Has it seriously been over one month since I posted? Bad Bad Mari! I have to be honest, I find it so much easier to connect with you guys via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in real time.

My life has been a rollercoaster for the past couple of months. As most of you know, my cousin had an Aneurism in March and was in ICU in Oklahoma for quite a bit but with the power of prayer, positive thinking, and HER FIGHT…she is recovering! The other day, we were video chatting and I thanked her for fighting so hard because I was not ready to let her go and she replied that I was one of the reasons that she kept fighting. I love her so much and so happy to say that she is currently on a Plane BACK TO NYC! I cant wait to see her in a few hours.

Also, I recently left the gym and decided to branch out on my own and focus on in-home/outdoor training and I have never been happier (it is still scary though ha)! I get to do what I love and not worry about hitting a quota and selling myself to people.


Back in January,I decided to do a month of yoga and since I felt so great during that month; I continued for 100 days!

I celebrated this milestone by getting a new tattoo!! I have wanted to get the OM symbol for the longest time but wanted it to be special…and now it is.

om Mari

I've decided to keep my challenge going! Maybe I will hit a year, who knows?

Speaking of yoga, you guys should check out this Mediation Online Conference from which starts tomorrow. It has a lot of great speakers participating such as Russell Simmons, Gabriella Bernstein, Dr. Michael Beckwith, and SO MUCH MORE!

Also if you are in the NYC area, I will be attending Goddess On The Go next Sunday!  Here is some info about the event:

Why Goddess On The Go?

Goddess On the Go reconnects women to their essential needs, so they can experience life with a full “tank” of gratitude and glow. Our workshops bring women together to reconnect to their pure and perfect pleasure, spice up their sensual sides, and bask in the power of sisterhood. Led by a compelling group of experts on wellness, spirituality, and beauty, participants dive into all that’s divine about being a woman.

Too often, women are busy running from place to place, forgetting to take care of ourselves first (if at all). We get disconnected from our bodies, our needs, and our intuition, forgetting what makes us happy—or that we even deserve to feel happiness at all. At Goddess On The Go workshops, women connect, move their bodies, and uncover their bombshell beauty, in a fun space designed to heal and create lasting fulfillment. It’s a serene celebration of life, goddess style!

Have a beautiful Easter!!!!!!!


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