Monday, November 10, 2014

Melancholy Monday Morning Rambles

Happy Monday my Loves!!!!! I hope you guy are having a fabulous day and had a great weekend.

I am feeling a tad melancholy…today would have been the 20th birthday of my baby Koko. I miss this boy!


On this week’s MMR vlog, I recap the last episode of Biggest Loser….BLAKE.IS.GONE. but dammit…I am proud of her!

My niece joined me this weekend in Journaling and Collaging for the Fierce Forward Sisterhood of the Fierce Traveling Journal Course…


This yummy Chili recipe that I made this week and it was oh so good!



I also I ask about your opinion on this Spiral Vegetable Slicer that my friend One Fit Cookie posted on FB yesterday…it was 50 percent off and I missed out on the sale but now I really want it. Do you enjoy zoodles?


AAAAND I talk about my bff coming into town and I can not wait to see her face!


Enjoy my rambles!


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