Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles…Flow…

Happy 2015 my loves!!!!! I am sitting in Panera Bread waiting for my boyfriend to open up…I need to get sooooo many things today. Thankfully I was given the okay on Friday to resume normal activities (as long as I don’t feel pain) so I can carry my groceries up four flights woohoo! haha.

With a new year comes new goals and for me…a new WORD. Every year, I try to choose a word which will pretty much sum up what I want out of that year. For 2013 my word was Committed and for 2014 it was Focus, which was perfect because I was so focused on my yoga journey.

Even though my word was focus; 2014 showed me to go with the flow more than anything. I came across many obstacles last year and instead of stopping and giving up…I just kept flowing (Why do I have an image of a plastic bag in the wind?).

I want 2015 to be a simple year for lack of a better word. I am not saying that I don’t want to challenge myself in various aspects of my life but I don’t want to have it consume me either. I want to be able to enjoy moments and not worry about paying bills etc. I want to be able to flow with whatever is thrown my way. We can’t control what the universe has in store for us but we do have control of how we react to certain situations…I have learned that everything always seems to workout in the end.

Have you decided on what your word for 2015 will be or do you think this is a completely cookoo concept?

Make it an awesome day!


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