Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: Enough Miracles To Go Around

Hi my loves! I know this is supposed to be Monday “Morning” Rambles and I am a bit late but hey it is still morning somewhere right now.

On this week’s Vlog, I speak about using my Doterra Oils to bring me out of my winter blues, starting the second week of the book  May Cause Miracles.

Oh and  I also talk about the new Gluten Free Flavors from Luna Bar!

Have you guys checked these out yet? I was lucky enough to try the Chocolate Cupcake flavor over the weekend and really liked it.  I am thinking about warming it up next time and adding some peanut butter on top! NOMS.


They have so many new gluten free flavors including Lemon Zest…which I am dying to try!

Watch my vlog below and have an awesome day!



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