Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles; The Struggle Is Real

Happy Monday my loves…can you believe that it is snowing yet again in NYC? It feels like every Monday, we have some sort of weather nonsense haha. I am having some serious cabin fever.

If you saw my photo last night on Instagram, this post might seem repetitive and I am sorry for that.

People usually hide behind their online persona and only show the highlights of their life and we are left feeling “why can’t I be that awesome?”. Last night I was practicing my handstands and I failed miserably. I tried for an hour and every single attempt was a miss. I wasn’t planning to post any of the photos that I took, but I said “f it” and shared it. We need to be real & honest and SHARE our struggles.

I don’t want to be one of those people that makes it seem like my life is perfect or that I am, for that matter. I struggle every single day and sometimes I am able to push forward and others; I succumb to it.

Last night, I started to read “May Cause Miracles” and I swear the Universe has a wicked sense of humor because this morning’s affirmation is “I’m willing to witness my fear


I am finally willing to face them and share them!

As some of you know, I began my yoga practice with the series “Namaste Yoga” and I always go back to it. When you watch these episodes; one of the first things that you notice is that the 3 ladies always look so graceful. I remember feeling intimidated by them when I first began doing yoga in 2006. I say all this because below is a video of their bloopers and it is just another example that no one is perfect and we just have to laugh at life's bloopers!

MMR Vlog…


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