Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday “Morning” Rambles: Sox Box Giveaway and I Almost Got Arrested!

Happy Monday my loves! I am so sorry that this post is going up so late but it’s for  a good reason. I am hosting a giveaway today and was waiting all day for my package to get here so that I can show you guys in the vlog below.

Before we get to the giveaway, I have a little rant. Did you guys know that it is illegal to be on the roof of a building in NYC!? I found out the hard way this morning. I love to do yoga on the roof of my building and also like to train my clients up there when the weather is nice. Well this morning it was ahhhmazing outside so I went upstairs with my client to do some boxing and in the middle of our workout, two police officers came up with their guns out! “What are you doing up here? Who else is up here with you?” (Uhm can you NOT see the boxing gloves?). They were so rude about it and basically told us that they could arrest us if they wanted to. They treated us like criminals and all we were doing was getting some Vitamin D and having a kick ass workout. I get that they were doing their job but I felt like it was just a tad extreme. Rant over.

My new “Inhale Exhale” socks from The Sox Box would have come in handy this morning because I am sure the two police officers needed some Zen in their life ha!


I shared the new socks a few day ago on Intragram but what I didn’t say was that these have a special place in my heart because I helped behind the scenes with the design of this pair! I love them so much and want to give away a pair to one of YOU guys!  I am going to share the photo below on my Instagram account with all the rules on how to enter and I will announce the winner on next week’s MMR.

Check out my vlog below and have an awesome day!


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