Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: She Believed She Could….

“She believed she could so she did”

This quote has been running through my mind all weekend and I have it written on my chalkboard in my bedroom as a daily reminder.

My 35th Birthday is 77 days away and I have huge goals to hit! I always set intentions for myself and sometimes I slack and wake up on my birthday with some regrets but this year it IS different. I am so determined to crush my goal and even put it out into the universe by sharing it with all of you guys.

I have my new food and fitness journal and so excited for the next 77 days!

I refuse to say that anything is off limits in terms of food because that is when things tend to backfire for me and a binge occurs. Instead I will follow the 80/20 rule and enjoy everything in moderation. 

Check out my vlog below!


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