Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles…Highs and Lows

Good morning my loves!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday thus far.

On this week’s MMR, I speak about some highs and lows that my family experienced last week including a new addition to my family and my mom’s health scare.

I also talk about heading to Brooklyn to have a housewarming dinner with Amber and the handsome Chili!

Din din

So what do two healthy living bloggers do on a Saturday night? Duh we watched Fed Up! If you have not watched it already, I highly recommend it. It is was not really “eye opening” for us since we are both health coaches but for the average American who is trying to make some healthy changes, I think this is perfect for them. I hope it saves some lives. Still pissed that Congress considers pizza a vegetable (I have long rant about it on vlog).

I hope you enjoy my vlog below…

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