Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: Love Wins…

Happy Monday my loves!

I usually try to stay away from political topics on my blog but today I had to speak my mind on Same Sex Marriage finally being legalized in all 50 States.I don’t know about you but I am ecstatic about this decision. I think everyone should be allowed to marry who they want and I am so happy to see that most people feel the same way.

So this weekend I ended up getting into a Facebook disagreement with an old friend who made a comment like “I am tired of this damn gay flag…I don’t see the big deal”. I know that not everyone agrees with this ruling but to say that this event is not historical; baffles my mind.

Seriously how can someone believe that this isn’t historical? Especially someone who is in an interracial marriage, which was not legal until 1967. How can someone take it for granted? Those people in 1967 fought for your right to marry your husband and I am sure they thought it was important. I can’t see past the hypocrisy. And by the end of the disagreement, she went and pulled the Bible card…shocker.

As a straight woman living in the United States; I have the right to marry any man that I choose and I am overjoyed that my gay friends and family can FINALLY do the same!

Watch my vlog below to hear my raw rant and I apologize in advance for dropping some F bombs. I was just really passionate.

Love Wins


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