Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: Who Cares…

(I am so sorry that this is going up so late..had problems with youtube)

Good Morning my loves! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Mine was pretty great…it consisted of meeting with clients,  couple of kick ass workouts, creating new recipes (I will share below), and just relaxing. Oh I also started binge watching Louie on Netflix…anyone else find him attractive? Or is it just me?

Today I want to talk about comparing ourselves to other people (I shared this on instagram as well so I’m sorry if this is repetitive to some of you).

The other day I went for a run and I kept thinking “Why can’t I be fast like before…so and so is faster than me” and I stopped and said “Who cares!” I am sick and tired of people (I am guilty of this too) comparing themselves to others. Yes some people may be faster, stronger, etc. but who cares. You can’t measure your success by someone else’s achievement. I know this is easier said than done when we are bombarded with social media updates from everyone and their mother…literally but give it a try. Every time you catch yourself falling into the comparison trap…why not switch it and think “good for them



One of my favorite things about Sundays is having the time to try new recipes. I love making various gluten free treats…especially the kind that you don’t need to bake when summer rolls around. These energy balls were supposed to be Orange flavored but my Wild Orange doTERRA essential oil is being delivered on Tuesday so I ended up using the Lemon oil but they still turned out delicious. I mixed all the ingredients together, formed them into 9 balls, and stuck them in the fridge so it could solidify. I named this recipe “Citrus Energy Ball” because you can pretty much use any citrus oil to make them (make sure you it can be taken internally!)

citrus enegry ball

Check out my vlog below for more rambles and my two degrees of separation to Louis C.K. hahaha


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