Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: Ambronite Supermeal Review

Good Morning my loves!!!!! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I just finished an awesome leg workout and I feel like I will walk like a baby giraffe, tomorrow. Haha.

The awesome people over at Ambronite recently sent me some samples of their shake to review.

If you haven’t heard of Ambronite, here is some information directly from their site:

 Organic Drinkable Meal
Ambronite is a quick and healthy drinkable shake. Each bag contains one full meal (500 kcal) of all of your essential nutrients.
Ambronite goes where you do; Home, office, in your bag and on your travels and outdoor adventures.
Packed with natural goodness and free of artificial nasties, it tastes of oats and fresh nuts with a hint of Nordic herbs and berries. The pure, neutral taste mixes well with water, juices and your favorite fruit.
Ambronite contains 18 organic ingredients including organic oats organic coconut ,organic spinach, and organic (just to name a few).

A couple of night’s ago, I replaced my dinner with an Ambronite shake and my first reaction was “this tastes earthy”, it sort of reminded me of oatmeal.  I think these shakes are for people who already live a healthy lifestyle and enjoys green juices. They are perfect when you are on the go and need to get all your nutrients in and feel satisfied. I think the next time that I have a shake, I might add a little truvia (I have a sweet tooth). I don’t know how someone who has never drank green smoothies, will react to the taste but like I said, if you have been living this lifestyle for quite some time…these are geared for you.

If you are interested in purchasing Ambronite, make sure to you use the code “Namastemari10” at checkout, to receive 10 percent off your purchase. 

Check out my vlog below for my in depth review and how you can receive a free sample from me!

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine.


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