Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: Strive for Progress and NOT Perfection

Goooooood Morning my loves!!!!

Today I officially began Month two of the Oxygen Challenge and today’s workout, kicked my booooooty. What else do I expect from Amanda “the booty queen” ha.

I made sure to wear my Challenge Accepted #TeamAmanda shirt today!

This past weekend I took my Month 1 progress photos and at first I was disappointed but quickly my perception shifted. I am not perfect by any means but every single day I keep pushing myself and keep progressing. I compared the photos to my before ones and when I took off my “negativity goggles” I could see that I am evolving to my best me. Muscles that have been hidden are finally resurfacing and I feel ahhhmazing.

Not only is my body changing but so is my frame of mind. I have been more conscious of the food I am putting into my body and can you believe that I have not ordered takeout this whole month?! That is huge for a New Yorker haha.

We can make 1 Million excuses why we can’t do something…but we just need 1 Reason why you WANT to do it!


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