Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Morning Rambles: To Treat or Not To Treat?

Good morning my loves! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. Mine was pretty great. Autumn is finally here and I could not be happier…hello Thumbholes and Knee high socks!

Today I want to talk about Treat Meals. I refuse to call them “Cheat Meals” because that makes it sound like a negative thing; which I don’t believe they are.

As most of you know, I am doing the Oxygen Magazine Challenge and I’m in the final month…and it has been HARD. Well the workouts have been great but the two extra days of carb cycling (I usually do two) have been tough. I feel sluggish and irritable.

This weekend I decided to have a treat meal and no f*cks were given. I enjoyed a delicious burger with onion rings and wait for it…a slice of cake. After I was done; I felt no shame and the next morning I used it as fuel. I was able to do spin for almost two hours followed by some yoga and burned over 1200 calories.
I think treat meals are important to keep us physically and mentally sane. I know some people feel so horrible about consuming so many calories in one day but try to see your caloric intake for the week and I am sure if you do it mindfully and NOT all the time…the numbers balance out.

For me the trick is to enjoy something that is portioned out. Instead of ordering a pizza pie which you could binge on, just get a couple of slices. Same goes for having foods in your home that could be triggers.

I think life is about balance and we need to be able to enjoy the things we like but in moderation. That is why I am a huge advocate for the 80/20 rule and suggest this to my clients as well.

Before I go…remember the film that I reviewed a couple of months ago? “A Small Good Thing” If you are in the Boston area make sure you check out their screening at the  Museum of Fine Arts!!

Small Good Thing
What are your thoughts on treat meals??



  1. I am a firm believer in doing whatever works for you but for me, I find the whole "strict diet with a treat meal thrown in" really screws with my head. I think less to do with my history and the journey I have been on, and more about where I am in my life right now, just having that many rules around what I can and cannot eat is so time-intensive and takes up so much headspace, it's not what I want to spend my life doing. I don't believe in labeling foods as "good" or "bad", I don't believe in counting macros. Ideally, I wouldn't count calories but that's too deeply ingrained still (if I could unlearn, I would). I follow a Michael-Pollan-esque style of eating (real food, not too much, mostly plants) because it's what makes me feel best. But I am forever striving for balance in every area of my life and that means slowing down and eating scones with friends on a random afternoon.


    1. I totally agree! We need to remove the negative attachment to food and just eat healthy and if you want the cake! lol

  2. I love the "treat" vs. "cheat" mentality - food should never be thought of in a negative context - love it!

    That being said, I am contemplating a Whole 30 challenge to kind of detox a bit - what are your thoughts on that?

    1. Hey honey!!!! I heard so many great things of the Whole 30 challenge so I say go for it. I did the 21 day sugar detox challenge (loved the books) and it was awesome. I think it's always nice to rid our bodies of toxins and have a kick start and I love challenges hahaha


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